Australian Super TT Championship Announced for 2023

One of the most popular and successful amateur motorsport categories will be elevated to a national platform in 2023, with the Australian Super TT Championship joining the Hi-Tec Oils Super Series for a quartet of rounds.

Super TT – an abbreviation of “Super Tin Tops” – has existed for more than 15 years under the auspices of the AASA. Its stronghold has been Winton Motor Raceway, where it originated, but it has also become well established in NSW, and frequently attracted large fields at Wakefield Park and Sydney Motorsport Park.

The Australian Super TT Championship will effectively replace the Thunder Sports category on the Hi-Tec Oils Super Series bill, with Thunder Sports cars likely to be eligible for Super TT with little to no modification.

A distinguishing feature of the Australian Super TT Series is the wide-open vehicle eligibility list and technical freedom given to competitors. As a result, it typically attracts a wide variety of cars encompassing everything from small, front-wheel-drive hatchbacks all the way up to high-horsepower V8 sedans.

Hence, Super TT has become popular with competitors who enjoy tinkering with their cars in sheds on weeknights and racing them on weekends, along with owners of cars from production-based categories who are looking for extra seat time.

Super TT is divided into four classes: O2S (over 2 litres engine capacity, slick tyres), O2T (over 2 litres engine capacity, treaded tyres), U2S (under 2 litres engine capacity, slick tyres) and U2T (under 2 litres engine capacity, treaded tyres).

The 2023 Australian Super TT Championship will be managed by Terry Denovan, a well-respected motorsport administrator who has been responsible for the ongoing popularity of Super TT in NSW.

“In NSW, Super TT has become one of the most popular categories because of the wide variety of eligible cars, and it also produces terrific racing between cars with different strengths and weaknesses,” Denovan said.

“It’s terrific to have an Australian Super TT Championship and to provide Super TT competitors with the opportunity to enjoy the exposure benefits of competing on a national platform.”

BAC General Manager Stephen Whyte said the Australian Super TT Championship will be an important component of the series.

“We feel it’s important to have a category on the Hi-Tec Oils Super Series card that enables grass roots motorsport enthusiasts to turn up in their vehicle of choice, and race as part of our series,” Whyte said.

“Terry has an excellent relationship with the Super TT competitor base and importantly the knowledge around the wide variety of cars that can enter the series.

“The Australian Super TT Championship gives those competing at state level the opportunity to move up to a national series as a natural progression. We are looking forward to this being an important core category for the Hi-Tec Oils Super Series for years to come.”

Australian Super TT Championship Calendar

Round 1 – Winton Motor Raceway, March 17-19

Round 2 – Hidden Valley Raceway, April 29-May 1

Round 3 – Sydney Motorsport Park, October 13-14 (Day/Night Event)

Round 4 – Calder Park Raceway, November 24-26