Our services are aimed at ensuring our clients are noticed, off the track as well as on it.

Our suite of services includes media/PR management, website/social media content creation and management, journalism/professional writing, broadcasting/commentary and event/category management.

Media/PR Management

Our long-standing area of expertise has been generating favourable publicity for our clients. This is done through a range of activities, including:
As an agency specialising in the motorsport industry, we are well-placed to understand and take advantage of media opportunities that are relevant to motorsport and mainstream media, as well as creating appealing news angles.

Social Media and Website Content Management

With digital communication methods more prevalent than ever before, management of social media channels is an essential component of any media service.

We provide full management of social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) with our services including:
Even with the proliferation of social media, a website is still an important “hub” which is the first port of call for many visitors. Our website content management strategy is news-focused – we concentrate on driving traffic to websites by presenting interesting, informative and up-to-date articles.

Journalism and Professional Writing

Our journalistic writing services include news and feature articles, in which we always deliver content that is informative, interesting and newsworthy. We can provide content such as race reports, news stories or more detailed expository pieces for print or online consumption.

We also provide other professional writing services including category sporting/technical regulations, announcement emails and more.

Public Broadcasting and Commentary

One of our greatest passions is commentary at motorsport events, and we have a wealth of experience in both live and post-produced commentary for on-track and television broadcasts. Our knowledge of a broad array of Australian state and national racing categories enables us to provide commentary that is informative, accurate and entertaining.

Our public broadcasting services also extend to voiceover work for video and audio productions, along with public speaking and MC services.

Event / Category Management

Organising a motorsport event can be a complex undertaking, but we can take the stress out of it by managing all aspects of the event, including:
Managing a category involves all the aspects of event management for multiple events, along with:

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