Clarification: Lachlan Mineeff and Lachie N Mineeff

Lachlan Mineeff Motorsport and Purple Sector Racing would like to issue the following clarification following an incident involving Lachie N Mineeff in the Australian Formula Ford Series at Symmons Plains yesterday and subsequent reports from motorsport media outlets.

There are in fact two Australian racing drivers named Lachlan Mineeff. One is currently racing in TCR Australia for his privateer Purple Sector Racing outfit.

The other Lachlan Mineeff, who races under the name “Lachie N Mineeff” is currently racing in the Australian Formula Ford Series.

The two Lachlan Mineeffs are separate individuals and are not related.

Apologies for any confusion and please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further clarification.