Crick Joins TekworkX with Johnson & Shah at SMP for T86S

TekworkX Motorsport will once again field three cars in round four of the Toyota 86 Series after running just Andrew Shah in the previous round earlier this month. Rossi Johnson and Cameron Crick will be the two drivers joining the team, Johnson returning and Crick making his TekworkX debut.

Three time Toyota 86 race winner in 2021, Crick comes to the team with a wealth of experience, his natural ability and background in the series making him an ideal candidate. Tekworkx have recently acquired a brand new car in preparation for the 2022 season and will be handing the keys to Crick.

“I get along well with the team and with Rob, he & I raced together a couple of years ago in Porsche Sprint Challenge, he’s helped me quite a bit through the years so I’m more than happy to join the team,” Crick said.

“Rob wanted me to drive the new car so I couldn’t turn him down, it’s a good opportunity as well to work with some of the younger guys on the team and try to identify where they can improve and help them develop.”

“I’d love to go out and win all three races, to be honest that’s the goal. But I will be happy with a solid clean weekend and to have a bit of fun. We don’t want to tear up the brand new car. I love racing in Sydney, I’ve done a lot of testing here and enjoy the track.”

Johnson competed with the team over the opening two rounds of the season and will continue on in 2022 after a big rebuild of his car following a major accident in Townsville. The #333 driver is looking forward to returning to the track after a few months away.

“It’s been a little while since I went racing, after the Townsville round I had a dip in the NT Excel titles and that’s it,” said Johnson.

“I’ve never driven at SMP before, and a lot of the field raced there a couple weeks ago so we’ll be a bit behind the eight ball when we first hit the track. I just need to be patient and let the car and the track come to me and not push to hard to quickly.”

“I’m excited to work with Cameron (Crick), he’s got a lot of experience in the category and he’s really racey in everything he jumps in so I should be able to glean a bit of knowledge from him. With SMP being his home track, that’ll help me get up to speed as well.”

“If we can bring the same pace we had at Townsville and keep a straight car I’ll be happy with the weekend.”

Shah will also be back, courtesy of a ‘miraculous’ rebuild for the team after he endured his own big crash at the first event in Sydney. The team has previously detailed the effort undertaken to get the car together in the short turnaround between rounds, without access to their Gold Coast workshop.

The series will kick back into gear at the Beaurepairs Sydney SuperNight across November 19-21.

Weekend Schedule (all times AEDT):
Friday, November 19
Practice 1 – 1:55pm (20 mins)
Practice 2 – 4:05pm (20 mins)

Saturday, November 20
Qualifying – 1:10pm (15 mins)
Race 1 – 4:00pm (10 laps)

Sunday, November 21
Race 2 – 9:35am (13 laps)
Race 3 – 1:30pm (10 laps)