Miller Satisfied With Sixth in PMSC

Jason Miller has secured sixth position in the Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge Series for 2022, after a consistent run to sixth place in both today’s completed races at Phillip Island aboard his Stokes Skis Australia 911.

In the opening race, Miller was involved a close battle with one of his closest title rivals, Harrison Goodman, along with the Pro-Am Class entry of Sam Shahin. He finished the race sixth in the Pro Class and eighth outright.

The weekend’s second race was red-flagged and declared a non-event due to a crash that damaged one of the tyre barriers. Thus, Miller was returned to sixth on the grid for Race 3.

After losing a couple of spots with a slow start, Miller worked hard to make up the lost positions and was able to overtake Goodman with a slipstreaming manoeuvre down the main straight. He finished the race sixth outright, placing him sixth for the round and sixth in the final series standings.

Miller said his final series result was an accurate indication of his performances throughout the season.

“When you look at our year as a whole, sixth is about where we deserved to be,” Miller said.

“There were some rounds where we were a bit quicker and others where we were slower, but on average it’s pretty representative of where we are in the pecking order.”

For his first full season in the competitive, national-level Porsche category, Miller said it’s a pleasing result.

“For our small team to be rolling up at the track with our box trailer and minimal crew, and taking the fight up to far bigger operations with extensive resources is very satisfying,” he said.

“Most of the drivers in the Pro Class have an extensive background in go-karts or open-wheelers, and the drivers at the front of the field like Tom Sargent and Ryan Wood are obviously very talented, so I was happy to get within a second of them at some tracks.”

Miller said the team’s first season in the category has provided a solid base to build upon for future seasons.

“We learned a lot this year, particularly at circuits we hadn’t visited in the new car,” he said.

“Importantly, I finished every single race so we gathered plenty of valuable data.

“It puts us in a good position to improve and hopefully be a podium contender next season.”